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Pictures From I Need Something Better Than This Video

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Pictures from Pieces Coin Flip Band

Here are some pictures from the music video we made called "Pieces".

Pictures and Words From Coin Flip About Latest Song Save Life

We really hope that people will listen and share this song with people suffering from depression or hard times. Lord knows we have had them. Our passion to escapse the negitive thoughs was music. We love to share them with our encouraging fans. One thing that people dont think about when they con...

Boom Boom Pics Coin Flip

Here are some pics from the Boom Boom  video from Coin Flip  

Artwork For CD

We want to make some artwork for our CDS here are a few ideas we have.  

Faith Is The Inspiration For Coin Flip

We want everyone to know that Faith McCullough is the inspiration for Coin Flip. If it were not for her this project would of never existed. She came up with the name and music style. This Friday July 28th 2017 at 6PM we will realase a new song and a new video called "Faith Is All We Got". Privi...

Pictures From Room So DIm

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Hypnotized By You Photos From Video

Photos From Hypnotized By You  

Photos From YOu're My Holiday

Here are some photos from the video, "You're My Holiday".