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The hardest part of writing a song

There are many elements to a song. There is an intro, beginning, chorus, verses, interludes, etc. Believe it or not the hardest part about writing a song is finishing it. We must of started hundreds if not thousands of songs. Some of them sound really cool too but they are just missing something. 

Music and Spirit

This is a touchy thing. Music and spirit have to go together to feel good. They have to harmonize in such a way where one feels the music instead of listening to it. This is a real challenge. If you think of your favorite songs it was probably because it moved you to feel a certain way. 


Writing up a great song and not having the timing right sucks. It's like taking an awesome crap on the crapper and realizing you don't have any toilet paper. 

Motivation for Writing Songs

If you think about every human emotion one can possibly think of you can write a song for it. It's the ones that are the most influential and most powerful that usually starts this process. 

Different Ways To Write Songs

Most of the time we will write songs starting with some cool chord progressions that we have developed on the guitar. Usually this is a 6 string acoustic guitar. We then think of a story line how those chord vibrations affect us. We try to take it from there. If we don't feel strongly enough about the song then we will probably quit 1/2 way through the song. The truth is we usually write our songs in about 20 minutes.


Now this is where the real work comes in and we usually have to involve someone else during this process. It is called "Producing" and takes a person with a lot of leadership and vision. You cannot be afraid to try different styles or notes. Sometimes we get so comfortable with what we are doing that all the music will sound the same and become boring. This is the ultimate death for a musician and that is where producers come in very handy. 

Devloped or Born With It

The music writing process is very strange. Either you develop it or you are born with it. I thought it was interesting that Mozart one of the greatest composers of all time was totally deaf. This tells me that all have music in their soul even if they cannot hear it. If I had a choice to either lose my eye sight or hearing that would be a very difficult one for me. 

Coin Flip's Next Song

We have our next song written. We have our chords and words. However we are still looking at assembly. The video process is also an art that takes a lot of knowledge. We of course use A1WebsitePro for our video recording and production. There are more things that we can posssibly comprehend when it comes to that, so we are thankful to have Max as our father.


Even if you have the greatest song in the world but have not marketing then it is like a tree falling in the woods. People have to hear it. That is where we use it has all our links there that we need to social media networks as well as our music networks. We also have links to key people's pages. It makes life a lot easier. 

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Review: 5 - "Very good information!" by , written on August 23rd , 2017
It's true a lot of people do not realize how much work goes into making videos. You are doing a great job! Awesome! Song writing
Review: 5 - "Song writing" by , written on August 25th , 2017
It's hard to write songs but your doing great guys. Never stop what u love doing. It will pay off for you in the long run. I do have a great future ahead of you. Great job!!!
Review: 5 - "Great job!!!" by , written on August 25th , 2017
Awesome! Great information!

Very good information!

Very good information!
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