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You're My Holiday

I need something better than this dog food

I've been eating dog food now for 14 days

I dont know I'm different now I'm happy with the pain

I know people talk me down and treat me bad

but my good dog is the bestest friend the I ever had




But I need something Better something better than this

dont close your eyes and look away man Ill get pissed


nostalgics live in the past, they dont care for the new stuff

what was right now is wrong, the bigots are tuff

policies are made and fortunes are gained

their driving people mad until they go insane




just give me a big fat bone to chew on ill be good

Ill be livin in the country while their packing heat in the hood

I dont care for politics cocaine or hash

But I still like to stare at that womans cash


I need something Better something better like this

dont close your eyes and look away babe Ill get pissed

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Review: 5 - "Excellent" by , written on September 10th , 2017
Excellent work boys!


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