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You're My Holiday

Faith is all we got by coin flip

Hi all! Welcome to a heart felt song that we did for our big sister Faith Ann McCullough. She is the inspiration for all of our music that we do at Coin Flip. Faith was the originator of the band and had a passion for music. When we were younger she used to sing to us all the time. We did silly songs, fun songs and rocking songs. We would like  everyone to kow how much we miss her and the influence that she had on us. However, her influence will last a lifetime. There is so much we can say like an endless book that goes on and on, but we're gonna say it with a song and you can watch and listen below. 



Lyrics For Faith Is All We Got By Coin Flip

Taken in the prime of life

I miss you all the time

My dreams are filled with joyfulness

I'm happy to be with you there

I can't believe that you're gone

but this is how our lives go on

I’m sometimes lost and sometimes found

sometimes I’m  really down



But FAITH is all we got

FAITH is never lost


I remember when you sung to me

It made me feel like a king

When I was feeling down

You made me come around

't's the magic of the moment every day

The pain has come and it's here to stay



But FAITH is all we got

FAITH is never lost


Hey big sis you're my #`1

You're my #1 the shadows gone

Now many people like to see us bleed

But they don't know our family

Vengeance is for God to take

Thanks for Coin Flip music to make

Sometimes I wonder where you are

I see you dancing in the stars



But FAITH is all we got

FAITH is never lost

But FAITH is all we got


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2 Reviews One of my fav's
Review: 5 - "One of my fav's" by , written on July 29th , 2017
Out of all your songs i love this one the best :-) Mrs
Review: 5 - "Mrs" by , written on July 29th , 2017
Love this tribute song. Awesome job Coin Flip

One of my fav's

One of my fav's
Rating: 10 out of 5 with 2 ratings