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Another musician bites the dust

We are always hearing about another musician biting the dust. There is a different kind of dust a musician bites. This is what we are going to talk about in this article. 

Recent Musicians That Have Died

Some of the recent musicians that have died that have been influential to us are Chris CornellChester Bennington, Prince, Chuck Berry, Glen Campbell, Greg Allman and a few more. Not to mention the numerous musicians that have died in the past. This is not the kind of dust we are talking about. 

Taking Their Own Life

Someone recently told us that musicians are the most depressed people in the world. We could not disagree more. When someone takes their own life it is not because of the music that it is them. It is usually because of what they let themselves be influenced by, relationships, drug addiction, depression to name a few. Some just want to die at the peak of their career to make an endless impression in history. We care if someone takes their own life and that is why we wrote this song. "If this song saves someone's life it's worth it". We really hope that someone will listen to this song before they make that final decision.

Another Musician Bites The Dust

There is a different kind of dust that a musician bites that is "giving up". We have several musician friends and fans. The frustrations of having a band or even being a musician are numerous. We have laid out what all is involved in a basic musicians life in this article here. Sometimes when we tour our musician's friends websites we find them taken down, their songs are no longer there for people to enjoy.

Motivation For Being A Musician

Pure love for music and creating it. It's like an artist that paints a picture. It's the feeling of filling up that empty space in your soul. We have started a quotes section on our website so musicians can focus on what they love. 

We Love Music

Dealing With The Trolls and Jealousy 

You know when you work real hard at something and give it all you got you are going to get some jealous people taking shots at you. Fortunately, we were raised by a father that has been to hell and back. We can always talk to him when we get a troll that leaves negative feedback. Dad always tells us that we have to take the good with the bad. Sometimes criticism can be good depending on who it's coming from. 

A Word Of Encouragement 

Know that you are not alone. There are many of us out there struggling to get our music heard. Trying to make the greatest song in the world. However, we will focus on what we love and not what others want us to be.

Music Is Our Holiday

Thanks for reading.

-Coin Flip

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Review: 5 - "Good Article" by , written on August 30th , 2017
Yes, there are a lot of musicians that I have seen through the years that just give up. It's a sad thing to see. I kinda wonder what they were playing for in the first place.

Good Article

Good Article
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