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Have you ever thought you could read someone else's thoughts? Did you ever wonder if they could read yours? There are a variety of people who claim to have such talents. Some say it is like hearing a voice when the other person's mouth is not producing the sound that they hear.

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What Is Telepathy?


So what is telepathy really? Is it really possible? Telepathy is the ability to sense or understand what another person is thinking or feeling or even being able to send your thoughts to someone who has a telepathic sensitivity.


How Does Coin Flip Use Telepathy?


From a young age Faith, Me and David would practice trying to learn telepathy. We always had a close bond with one another and understood a lot about each other. We had a sensitivity to where we knew what each other wanted from time to time even from when we were still to learning to talk. We would answer for each other when our parents would ask a question too. Our parents at first would try to make us each answer for ourselves but they would still get the same answer to their question


How Dad Became Involved


Our Dad started to look into telepathy to see if it was just a sibling bond or something more. He found many people who claimed to have the ability to read others thoughts or project their own thoughts to someone else. Some of these of course turned out to be hoaxes while others were very hard to try to explain away. 


Practicing Telepathy At An Early Age


Our Dad decided to test it out and see if we really knew what each other was thinking. We had different games we would play. At first it was simple and then it grew. We would stand a little space apart from each other with our backs toward each other. One of us would have a ball and when they were ready they would turn around and toss it to the other person. The other one of us would have to try to feel when they were going to toss us the ball and turn around to catch it. We were really good.


More Telepathy Practice


As we learned more we moved onto telling how many fingers the other person was holding up or what object they were holding without looking. Then we moved onto decks of cards. That was a little more complicated but the more we learned to read each other the better we got.


A Secret Plan


After Dad saw how good we got he had an idea. He had us keep up working on our telepathy so that we could try to communicate with each other. He thought that might be a good idea if for any reason something happened to separate us so that we could try to contact each other. 


Is It Real?


For us the answer is yes! We meditate and focus on what is around us with our eyes closed or a blindfold on. It is fun to practice and I like that it is something special that we have always had to share with each other. I don't know if this is something that just anyone could do or not. One of the key things is that you have to be able to fully clear your mind and focus your attention on another person and they have to be able to do this too. 


Is It Easy?


It is not always easy. Distractions can make it harder to focus on what the other person is thinking or doing. Our best way to practice is either in a quiet room or outside when there is no activity around. I would not give up the time that we have done this for anything. I am glad that our parents have always worked with us to help us keep this active. Thanks Mom and Dad.

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2 Reviews Phenomenal! Astounding!
Review: 5 - "Phenomenal! Astounding!" by , written on August 16th , 2017
No matter how many times I have seen them do this it is still amazing! Such a true bond! Telepathy
Review: 5 - "Telepathy " by , written on August 16th , 2017
Yes..its real. Especially in a family which has such a wonderful bond.

Phenomenal! Astounding!

Phenomenal! Astounding!
Rating: 10 out of 5 with 2 ratings